“The Visual and Auditory Presentation of God on Mount Sinai” by SUNNY WANG

“The Visual and Auditory Presentation of God on Mount Sinai” by SUNNY WANG

ABSTRACT: In the OT there are two accounts of theophany recorded in Exod 19–20 and Deut 4–5Some scholars thus argue that Deut 4 is constructed in such a way as to show that hearing is superior to sight. This paper argues that the senses of sight and hearing are used together to attain knowledge of God and that this interrelation between seeing and hearing is intended. The account of theophany on Mount Sinai is used as an example to show that seeing and hearing are often mingled to complement each other. The presence of God is experienced through hearing the voice of God and seeing God speaking out of fire, cloud, and smoke on the mountain. There is no sign to prove that one sense is superior to the other in the account of theophany. They are both means by which to experience God.

KEYWORDS: senses, sight, hearing, theophany, knowledge of God, epistemology