“Power, Mercy, and Vengeance: The Thirteen Attributes in Nahum” by GREGORY COOK

“Power, Mercy, and Vengeance: The Thirteen Attributes in Nahum” by GREGORY COOK

ABSTRACT: Nahum scholars typically interpret the reference to YHWH’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy in Nah 1:3a as a re-reading meant to minimize YHWH’s mercy and emphasize his wrath. This article shows that the quote originates from Num 14:17–18 while maintaining an allusion to Exod 34:6–7. In this light, Nah 1:3a does not explain YHWH’s wrath against Assyria; rather, it explains how YHWH could pardon Judah’s apostasy and deliver his people .

KEYWORDS: Nahum, Exodus 34, Numbers 14, hesed, massa