“Zerubbabel, Persia, and Inner-biblical Exegesis” by DAVID B. SCHREINER

“Zerubbabel, Persia, and Inner-biblical Exegesis” by DAVID B. SCHREINER

ABSTRACT: This essay discusses the socio-political expectations surrounding Zerubbabel as disclosed in Hag 2:20-23. Concurring with the consensus that Jer 22:24-30 is critical to understanding Hag 2;20-23, this essay engages the ideas of Wolter Rose and John Kessler, ultimately concluding that Hag 2:20-23 embodies a manto-typological exegesis of the Jeremianic tradition. Thus, Haggai is communicating to Zerubbabel that his role moving forward corresponds to his Davidic predecessors but is not tantamount to it. By implication, the prophet is proclaiming that the Davidic line will continue to play a role for the Second Temple community.

KEYWORDS: Zerubbabel, Persia, Haggai, Inner-biblical exegesis, Davidic Dynasty